We bet on an occupational health and safety management system that promotes the prevention of occupational accidents, occupational illnesses, and the continuous improvement of the workers' quality of life. It promotes a healthy and safe environment for its employees and visitors, complying with national regulations and codes of practice in health and safety (quality policy).


Miami Agro Import is a company committed to sustainable development, compliance with national and international legislation, and the implementation of actions aimed at minimizing the impacts generated by its commercial activity and the rational use of resources.

Reforestation program
Planted trees​
Water use within plantations and the process
3M3 of water per year
Carbon footprint and energy
Effluents and waste
Kg of agrochemical packaging sent for treatment

In conjunction with the Juan Francisco García Comparini Foundation, a forest orchard is worked on, which provides 100,000 trees annually to be planted in different areas of action. They are also available for companies or organizations that wish to reforest at a low cost.


Water is a fundamental resource in our crops and in the plant process. We use technology for the control and reduction of its use.

Due to the use of electrical energy, refrigeration systems, transportation fleet, and fertilizers, we measure our carbon footprint to take reduction and mitigation actions both in the plant and in the plantations.

We generate organic, inorganic, and agrochemical waste in our plants and farms. We have a solid waste and wastewater management system according to their source. Waste is delivered to companies to be valued and used as raw material or byproduct. The residue from the process is marketed in the national market as biomass and animal feed. Wastewater is treated before being discharged to receiving bodies.


The Community Prosperity pillar within Miami Agro Import is executed through the JUAN FRANCISCO GARCÍA COMPARINI FOUNDATION. It is a non-profit organization that develops social projects to improve the quality of life of small farmers living in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty in rural areas of Guatemala. In addition, this pillar includes programs for the company’s employees at the agricultural, administrative, and operational levels. COMMUNITY PROSPERITY has programs and projects in Health and Food Safety, Prosperity, Education, and Environmental Management.

For more information about the Juan Francisco García Comparini Foundation, visit our social media.


Miami Agro Import has plantations on its own farms and with groups of farmers, who are trained in technology, good practices, and agrochemical management.